Tumbarumba Transformations

Tumbarumba Transformations

November 2005

My present work explores buckets and tanks as seen in rural surroundings. I consider the marks I make on my work to have a direct link to my world, often as an aerial view of the places where I have lived. This aerial approach seems quite natural to me, as a result of many years gliding and viewing the landscape below. There is a strong reference to water tanks and silos, particularly the way they sit isolated in the landscape with an impenetrable presence. The references are many and as each piece is made I am conscious of how the many reminders of places, tracks, fences and boundaries affect the final work. The titles are suggestive of my rural past in southern NSW and refer to the landmarks in the Mannus Valley and the Upper Murray. In particular, a twisted tank that lies under a tree at the Pioneer Women’s Hut at Glenroy, Tumbarumba.

 By Merran Esson
Exhibition statement from National Gallery of Australia, at the occasion of the exhibition Transformations: The Language of Craft. 11 November 2005  – 29 January 2006.
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