Displaced Places

Displaced Places

April 15- May 17 2008, Stella Downer Gallery, Sydney

Displaced Places refers to a variety of places stretching from Paris to southern NSW. A residency in the Cite International des Arts in Paris in 2006 created an opportunity to look at place from afar, looking at Australia from Paris, and since my return looking at Paris from Australia. I am still not sure what to make of that experience. Perhaps it is still too early to know how this will be reflected in the work that I make, Australian poet Michael Brennan who was also in the Cite at the same time states that ideas need to settle and rust for a while. So that is what is happening. Sometimes I see structures in the work that remind me of the internal structure in the Metro and RER in Paris, line work which comes directly from the painted pedestrian crossings in Paris are now translated into the interiors of tanks and buckets and take on new meaning as they combine with marks from my own landscape in southern NSW.

The series of Thermal and Coanda pieces refer to gliding and the nature and consequences of movement created by lift in the air. However, diagrams of wind lift, movement and how it affects aircraft wings can also be seen inside buckets and tanks. So the origins of the marks become blurred as ideas develop.


Merran Esson 2008


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