June 2005

This work is really about two areas of interest, one is an exploration of scale and the second is an investigation into function as subject. Recently I moved to a larger studio and this change in physical environment caused me to re-evaluate issues of scale, form and function. The emerging buckets and pails were a result of this exploration with the interiors evoking a mixture of ideas about containment and implied function.

My investigation into ceramic vessels began with the container not just as a practical device but also as a structure, on which I am able to manipulate a series of additions such as handles, spouts and sieves. I consider the marks I make on my work to have a direct link to my world, often as an aerial view of the valleys or the suburbs where I have lived. This aerial approach seems quite natural to me as a result of many years gliding and viewing the landscape below. My buckets are probably more industrial than organic although there is a strong rural element to this work. There is a strong reference to water tanks and silos, particularly the way they sit isolated in the landscape with a strong presence. Rather like a building which is used more for spiritual or ritual purposes. In many ways I think of this present work as being as much about architecture as about pots. The references are many and as each piece is made I am conscious of how the many reminders of places, tracks, fences and boundaries affect the final work. These titles are suggestive of my rural past in southern NSW and refer to the landmarks in the Mannus Valley and the Upper Murray where I spent my childhood.

 By Merran Esson
Exhibition statement from exhibition Chilli at Cudgegong Gallery, Gulgong. NSW
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