The Hollow and the Whole: Contemporary Ceramics

April 2004 – Delmar Gallery, Trinity Grammar School. Sydney   Looking into a kiln during the firing of ceramic work is a bit like looking into a volcano. The extreme temperatures melt the raw materials that sit on the surface of the work to form a glaze and transform the once soft and malleable clay […]

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Cranes and Fishes – Vessels

May 1997 A shift in focus between sea and city is reflected in the recent work “Cranes and Fishes”. Perhaps surprisingly the cranes do not refer to the bird species but rather the mechanical crane sitting atop the skyline of Sydney. Working in the inner city, the language of the crane each day creating a […]

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Embracing Natural Symbolism

Review by Christopher Allen. 1993 Filled with Merran Esson’s pots, the Mura Clay Gallery looked like a chamber in some submerged place – like Atlantis, as my friend observed. The forms of the pots themselves, and the decorations incised into their surfaces – starfish, eels, jellyfish passing – evoked an undersea world. To say the […]

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