Australische Impressionen at Galerie Rosenhauer

Essay by Peter Schmitt, M.A. Deputy Director I.R. Baden State Museum Karlsruhe Merran Essons Thema ist das Gefäß, das für sie den Weg darstellt, aus der Tradition eigene Ausrucksformen zu entwickeln, in die Erfahrungen der persönlichen Lebensgeschichte einfließen. Seitdem sie 2004 in Sydney ein neues großes Studio bezogen hat, hat sie sich zunehmend an große […]

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Tumbarumba Transformations

November 2005 My present work explores buckets and tanks as seen in rural surroundings. I consider the marks I make on my work to have a direct link to my world, often as an aerial view of the places where I have lived. This aerial approach seems quite natural to me, as a result of […]

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Transformations: The Language of Craft

November 2005 Merran Esson explores the imagery of the industrial detritus that forms part of Australia’s rural landscape, focusing in particular on the ubiquitousness of metal water containers, from buckets to water tanks. Corroded, dented, mended and eventually rendered useless and cast aside, their forms remain potent in Esson’s translation into ceramic, becoming metaphors for […]

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June 2005 This work is really about two areas of interest, one is an exploration of scale and the second is an investigation into function as subject. Recently I moved to a larger studio and this change in physical environment caused me to re-evaluate issues of scale, form and function. The emerging buckets and pails […]

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Australian Contemporary, A Survey of a Sense of Place

Essay by Stephen Bowers 2004 (this is an extract from the original essay) Merran Esson (New South Wales) has lived in the vast interior of inland Australia a well as amid the intensely urban confines of its largest cosmopolitan city – Sydney. Her work expresses the contrast between these extremes. Stunned by the way physical […]

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