The Complacent Elephant

Presented at Clay Push Gulgong on the education panel “the Elephant in the Fortress”. May 2013. Merran Esson   My contribution to this discussion is to add a concern I have about complacency in the education discussion.. It’s not about the individual colleges, or their very fine educators, or even about their, and our creative students, […]

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Obsessive Surface – Hidden Boundaries

Presented at the Fourth ASNA Ceramics Triennial. Karachi Pakistan. January 2013 Thinking about language while I sit here at my computer to prepare a paper in English, to be delivered at a conference in Pakistan, is a daunting task. The title refers to my interest in how the surface of my work explores the rich […]

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There’s a hole in the bucket

Artist Statement: From Gold Coast award exhibition   My work explores the role of function in ceramics and references containers from the rural landscape. Containers such as buckets, water tanks and silos that sit isolated in a paddock; I am inspired by the surfaces and textures, by the verdigris and rusted exteriors of abandoned metal […]

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Shot Pots

Statement from KWASS I am interested in exploring familiar forms, such as the pot, but by pushing my finger through the clay I am able to render the work non utilitarian, thereby altering the basic function of the familiar object. In past cultures clay objects such as this would have held grain or water, by […]

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Sensuality and Sustainability: a co-existence?

Abstract of the paper presented at International Ceramics Symposium. Ceramic Arts and Design for a Sustainable Society. Gothenburg, Sweden. 2011   Objects made from clay have the potential to last a very long time. From the ancient Greek urns to Ming vases great value has been placed on certain objects that tell a story of […]

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